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Elevate your fishing game with isenwill Stainless Steel Fishing Leaders Lines! These leaders are meticulously crafted to enhance your angling experience and provide the durability needed to tackle fishes with sharp teeth. With a focus on quality and versatility, these fishing leaders are your go-to solution for various fishing scenarios.


Key Features:


  • Upgrade Design: isenwill fishing leaders are constructed using 7 strands of high-strength stainless steel. Each leader features a rugged rolling swivel at one end and a convenient snap at the other. With a testing capacity of approximately 40 lbs, these leaders are well-suited for a wide range of bait and lure applications.

  • Quantity and Size: Each package includes 40 fishing leaders, distributed evenly across four different sizes: 15 cm / 6 inches, 20 cm / 8 inches, 25 cm / 10 inches, and 30 cm / 12 inches. This variety allows you to adapt to diverse fishing conditions and requirements.

  • Wide Application: Designed to cater to catfish, salmon, bass, perch, pike, shad, walleye, muskie, crucian, pickerel, snapper, and other toothy fish, isenwill fishing wire leaders excel in both saltwater and freshwater environments. Whether you're fishing in lakes, rivers, or seas, these leaders are your ideal fishing companions.

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a nylon-coated finish, these leaders exhibit exceptional durability while maintaining a soft yet tough structure. The 0.5 mm wire diameter ensures strength and longevity, making them capable of handling heavy loads with ease.


    Isenwill 40Pcs Fishing Leaders

    SKU: 853bb2ba-9e41-4162-a648-9e00f49e9e71
    • Materials: High-quality stainless steel with nylon-coated finish

      Wire Diameter: 0.5 mm

      Test Capacity: Approx. 40 lbs / 18 kg

      Package Contents: 40 x isenwill Fishing Leaders

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