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Prepare to elevate your fishing experience with the innovative Medium Jerk Softbait. Designed for success, this lure sets itself apart as an unrivaled performer on the water.


With its enticing action and lifelike appearance, the Medium Jerk Softbait flawlessly mimics the movements of injured prey, drawing the attention of bass, pike, and other predatory fish. Its supple body and natural texture add to the allure, making it an irresistible target for even the most cautious fish.


This versatile softbait excels in both freshwater and saltwater environments, offering boundless opportunities for your angling expeditions. Whether you're fishing in clear lakes or murky waters, it consistently outperforms other lures.


Upgrade your tackle box with the Medium Jerk Softbait and experience fishing like never before. Witness the magic as it entices trophy-worthy catches to strike. Don't miss out on this essential lure for every passionate angler. 


Comes in a Pack of 5

Medium Jerk Softbait

  • This versatile lure mimics live bait, attracting bass, walleye, and more. Whether in freshwater or saltwater, it guarantees successful catches with its lifelike swimming action.

    Comes in a pack of 5.

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