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Experience the allure of the Rapala Original Floating Minnow Lure—a masterpiece celebrated for its alluring wounded action that entices game fish of all varieties. Skillfully crafted from balsa wood, this lure boasts an elegant length of 2.75 inches, perfectly designed for navigating depths ranging from three to five feet. Designed to emulate the natural form of a minnow, it proudly showcases twin no. 7 VMC black nickel treble hooks. The defining feature of this masterpiece lies in its remarkable balance, allowing for seamless transitions from leisurely to brisk retrieves while maintaining its captivating motion. From serene shallow runs to animated surface jerks and calculated exploration at medium depths, this 1/8-ounce gem excels. Its versatility extends to graceful bottom-walking, whether harnessed to a bottom-bouncer or a three-way swivel. Resulting from meticulous hand-tuning and rigorous tank-testing, this creation radiates in the resplendent gold fluorescent red color scheme.


Rapala Original Floating 2.75 In. 1/8 Oz. Minnow Lure, Gold Fluorescent Red:


  • Wounded action that attracts any game fish
  • Size 7 lure
  • Made of balsa wood
  • Length of 2.75"
  • Running depth of 3'-5'
  • Natural minnow shape
  • 2 no. 7 VMC black nickel treble hooks. The exceptional balance of this hard bait allows it to be fished from extremely slow to fast without any change in action
  • Can be retrieved as a shallow runner, jerked on the top as a surface bait, or weighted with a split shot for medium depth
  • 1/8 oz bait
  • Can be bottom walked off a bottom-bouncer or 3-way swivel
  • Hand-tuned as well as tank-tested
  • Displays a Gold Fluorescent Red color

Rapala Original Floating 07 Fishing Lure - Gold Fluorescent Red

SKU: 142a2230-95bc-45d6-b94a-2ca8cab995f6
  • Features: Attracts any game fish

    Brand:  Rapala

    Manufacturer Part Number:  F07

    Manufacturer:  Rapala

    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):  1.00 x 1.00 x 2.00 Inches

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