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Discover the versatility of the Small Cricket Softbait, perfect for enticing panfish and trout on your fishing adventures. Crafted to mimic the appearance and movements of a real cricket, this softbait offers an authentic presentation that attracts bluegill, crappie, and other panfish, as well as trout in both freshwater and saltwater environments.


Designed with attention to detail, the Small Cricket Softbait ensures a lifelike swimming action, making it an effective choice for various fishing techniques and conditions. Its small size is ideal for finesse fishing and tempting even the most cautious fish.


Built from durable materials, the Small Cricket Softbait guarantees lasting performance, enabling multiple successful catches in a single outing.


Whether you're casting in still waters, streams, or rivers, the Small Cricket Softbait will be your trusted companion for a rewarding day of fishing. Rig it on a jig head or use it as a trailer on your favorite lure, and watch as it entices bites from even the most finicky fish.


Upgrade your fishing gear with the Small Cricket Softbait and enhance your chances of success. Experience the joy of hooking into panfish and trout like never before. Don't miss the opportunity to add this versatile softbait to your tackle box and enjoy memorable fishing moments!


Comes in a Pack of 5

Small Cricket Softbait

  • An alluring lure for panfish and trout. Crafted to replicate the appearance and movements of a real cricket, it entices strikes from bluegill, crappie, and more. Upgrade your fishing gear and enjoy a successful day on the water with this irresistible softbait.

    Comes in a pack of 5.

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