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  • 6 SEGMENTS LIFELIKE LURES: Designed with 6 segment multi-jointed body, TRUSCEND fishing lure can sink slowly and move flexible in water. In addition, life-like swimming actions make it attracting more catches and provoking predator fish to strike.
  • HIGH SIMULATION: With 3D realistic looking eyes and pearl powder coating, this swimbait appears very delicate and vivid that looks like a real fish. A perfect fishing bait that easily cheats the target fishes.
  • BASS VIBRATION: Made of high-quality ABS material and equipped with built-in rattle, this vibe lure can continuously emit the fish sound wave to during the swimming to provoke the feeding urge of the fishes and induce them to attack.
  • ULTRA-SHARP TREBLE HOOKS: The lures are equipped with exclusive custom fishing hooks, which featuring anti-rust, high corrosion resistance, and superb piercing power. Plus, we use flexible and powerful fabrics for the fish lures, making these fishing baits the most reliable fishing gear for bass fishing.
  • WIDELY FISHING SPECIES: This bass fishing lures can be widely used to catch bass, crappie, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, perch, snook. salmon etc. This swimbait is quite suitable for both saltwater and freshwater and functions well in all water layers.

Product Description

Designed with six segmented body sections, Truscend S-Shaped swim baits with lifelike appearance, are the latest innovative fishing lures which make fishing so easy. They will mimic a real fish to tempt fishes, regardless of being fished fast or slow, shallow or deep.

Constructed with a tough ABS plastic body that is supported by super strong mesh woven fabric to ensure the durability, the separate sections are puncture and tear resistant while still being flexible enough to create the action of a real swimming fish.

Built with premium components including: stainless steel split rings (forged to reinforce strength), and ultra sharp treble hooks.

Size 3" (8cm) 3.5" (9cm) 3.5" (12.5cm) 3.5" (9cm) 3.4" (8.7cm)
Weight 0.3oz (9g) 1/4oz (7g) 0.3oz (7g) 0.5oz (13g) 0.4oz (11.5g) 1.4oz (40g)
Attribute Topwater Flipping Jig Swimbait Swimbait Pencil Lure Jigging Lure

Truscend Multi Jointed Swimbaits

SKU: 0ff0ebea-a954-4191-b368-a70e22f79f14
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