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In the year 2006, the ChatterBait bladed swim jig made a dynamic entrance onto the bass fishing circuit, riding the coattails of multiple tournament triumphs, and promptly secured its status as an exceedingly coveted bass lure. Boasting a patented design coupled with the distinctive hex-shaped ChatterBlade, the audible resonance, palpable vibration, and fluid motion emanating from The Original ChatterBait brand bladed jigs are unparalleled. The ultimate outcome is a multi-faceted lure that seamlessly integrates the unpredictable dynamics of a crankbait, the commanding profile of a jig, and the irresistible allure of a spinnerbait.


Esteemed anglers at the zenith of their field place unwavering reliance on The Original ChatterBait brand bladed swim jig to assist in amassing hefty livewells and securing substantial tournament winnings. This pioneering lure's patented design, fortified by its trademarked hex-shaped blade, amalgamates seamlessly to yield unrivaled vibration, radiance, and dynamism. This distinctive amalgamation empowers the lure to emulate the performance attributes of a crankbait, jig, and spinnerbait, culminating in a truly versatile tool for angling endeavors.


Key Features: 


  • Uniting the dazzle of a spinnerbait, the pulsation of a crankbait, and the contour of a jig within a solitary bait.
  • The hex-shaped ChatterBlade, an exclusive feature, stands as the epitome of craftsmanship, elevating flash and vibration factors to peak levels.
  • Impervious to hydroplaning during swift retrieves, ensuring unfaltering control.
  • Versatility to explore the entirety of the water column by modulating the retrieval pace, ensuring comprehensive coverage during angling pursuits.


    Z-Man Chatterbait Original Lures - Houdini

    SKU: 5f83ebad-01f5-49cd-ae9b-ea3899d42a77
      • Weight: 3/8 oz
      • Hook Size: 5/0 Custom Heavy Duty, Needle Point
      • Color: Houdini
      • Quantity: Per 1

      Brand: Z-Man

      Manufacturer Part Number: 307534

      Manufacturer: Z-Man

      Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.15 x 2.70 x 1.25 Inches

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