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Introducing the Innovative HellraiZer: Z-Man's 5-Inch Dynamic Topwater Thriller

Prepare to be mesmerized by the unparalleled performance of the Z-Man HellraiZer, a trailblazing 5-inch topwater lure that defies all norms. This self-propelled marvel slashes, sputters, and dances across the water's surface in a mesmerizing display unlike anything you've witnessed before. Anchored by an exclusive weighted tail blade, the HellraiZer is a true force to be reckoned with.


Engineered with precision by the visionary mind behind the ChatterBait phenomenon, Don Ravis, the HellraiZer integrates the signature tight vibration and resonant sound that catapulted ChatterBait into fame, now expertly harnessed for the realm of surface lures. The weighted tail blade imparts an enticing vibration, while the slim and elongated body elegantly glides atop the water.


A strategically positioned belly line tie triggers swift weight shifts, creating an effortless walking action that captivates with both slow and rapid retrieves. The weighted tail blade, a masterpiece of engineering, collaborates with the trailing feathered treble hook, elevating swimming motion and rendering an irresistible allure to prospective strikes.


The HellraiZer boasts an impressive selection of ten meticulously crafted body-blade-feather patterns, ensuring there's a variant tailored to every scenario and water hue.


Key Features:


  • Originator: Ron Davis, mastermind behind the ChatterBait revolution
  • Distinctive bladed tail-propelled innovation defines a groundbreaking surface lure category
  • Slim, elongated physique with a belly line tie and weighted tail blade orchestrates a dynamic display of hard-cutting walks, lively spits, and alluring flashes on straight retrieves
  • Exhibits a breathtaking spectacle upon the surface during gentle retrieves, retaining authentic performance even during speedy burns
  • Minimalist profile and feathered tail blade unite for unparalleled hookup rates, surpassing those of conventional surface baits


Elevate your angling experience with the HellraiZer, a top-tier topwater creation by Z-Man, a brand renowned for excellence in fishing innovation.

Z-Man Hellraizer Topwater Lure -Golden Boy

SKU: 58e42095-88bc-4a4f-8f70-42b75f0f7d41
  • Brand: Z-Man

    Product Code: HR5-05

    Weight: 0.25 lb

    Manufacturer: Z-Man

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