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The Z-Man's HellraiZer 5-Inch Topwater Lure. Prepare to witness a paradigm shift in angling with Z-Man's 5-inch HellraiZer, a groundbreaking topwater lure that slashes, sputters, and carves the water's surface like nothing you've encountered before. This innovative creation masters the art of self-walking, delivering a performance that is both mesmerizing and irresistible. The heart of the HellraiZer's power lies in its exclusive, weighted tail blade – a driving force that propels it into a league of its own.

With a simple, straightforward retrieve, this lure elegantly glides to the water's surface, revealing its frenzy-inducing fleeing action, adept at both slow and rapid speeds. Its sleek, elongated body features a minimalist design that's home to a belly line tie and a single treble hook. The weighted tail blade harmoniously connects to a rear, feathered treble hook, amplifying its swimming motion and captivating the attention of potential strikes.

A true testament to versatility, the HellraiZer boasts ten distinct body-blade-feather patterns, ensuring there's a variant suitable for every fishing scenario and water hue. Each lure comes available in a collection of vibrant, fish-attracting color schemes, making it a feast for the senses both for anglers and their targets. With a 5-inch length and a weight of 5/8 oz, this lure is a true game-changer.

Key Features:

  • Radical topwater innovation envisioned by ChatterBait inventor Ron Davis
  • Exclusive bladed, tail-propelled design ushers in an entirely novel surface lure category
  • Thin, elongated body, paired with a belly line tie and a weighted tail blade, delivers dynamic walking, spitting, and flashing action on direct retrieves
  • Rises to the surface with captivating commotion on leisurely retrieves, maintaining authentic performance even during rapid burning
  • The minimalist profile and feathered tail blade hook configuration lead to a superior hookup ratio, surpassing that of other surface baits


  • Brand: Z-Man
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HR5-01
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.125 lb
  • Manufacturer: Z-Man


Z-Man HR5-01 Hellraizer Topwater Lure - Snow

SKU: d74ca164-d74b-47bd-bf73-379efbf0b07a
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