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The Z-Man HellraiZer stands out as an extraordinary topwater lure, carving the water's surface with an unmatched display of agility and motion. Conceived by Don Ravis, the inventive mind behind the original ChatterBait, this self-walking tail-bladed topwater lure translates the same intense vibration and resonant clamor characteristic of the ChatterBait into the domain of surface lures. The weighted tail blade infuses the lure with captivating vibrations, while its sleek, elongated body effortlessly glides to the surface. The strategic belly-located line tie propels the lure into swift weight shifts, resulting in a dynamic walking motion that flows seamlessly during a straight retrieval. This dynamic walking action is effortlessly produced. Enhancing this dynamic is the rear feathered treble hook, connected to the weighted tail blade, amplifying swimming movement and attracting attention to strikes.




  • The innovative creation of Ron Davis, the mastermind behind ChatterBait, this radical topwater bait captivates with its distinctive bladed, tail-propelled design, introducing an entirely new realm within surface lure categories.
  • The combination of a slender, elongated body, a belly line tie, and a weighted tail blade culminates in a display of cutting-edge walking, splashing, and flashing movements during linear retrieves.
  • The lure ascends to the water's surface with a resounding commotion during unhurried retrievals, while preserving its authentic behavior even when retrieved rapidly.
  • Its minimalist profile, paired with the feathered tail blade hook, results in an exceptional hookup ratio that surpasses other surface baits.


Z-Man HR5-02 Hellraizer Topwater - Matte Black

SKU: c2390e1c-ad7d-4006-b789-a1eaacde41a7
  • Brand: Z-Man

    Manufacturer Part Number: HR5-02

    Assembled Product Weight: 0.125 lb

    Manufacturer: Z-Man

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