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Introducing the Z-Man HellraiZer: a 5-inch topwater lure designed to bring a unique level of action to your fishing experience. Crafted with innovation in mind, the HellraiZer creates slashes, sputters, and surface carvings that stand out from conventional lures. This self-walking topwater bait is powered by an exclusive weighted tail blade, offering a simple and straight retrieve that effortlessly brings the lure to the surface. The result is a captivating fleeing action, whether retrieved slowly or quickly.


The HellraiZer features a sleek, elongated body with a belly line tie and a single treble hook. The weighted tail blade, coupled with the feathered treble hook at the rear, accentuates the swimming motion and increases the lure's strike attention. Its design allows for dynamic walking, spitting, and flashing action during straight retrieves.


Designed by Ron Davis, the mind behind ChatterBait, the HellraiZer boasts an exclusive bladed tail-propelled design, marking a new category of surface lures. It produces impressive commotion on slow retrieves and retains its unique action even during rapid retrieves.


Key Features:


  • Length: 5 inches
  • Weight: 5/8 oz
  • Original self-walking topwater lure
  • Exclusive bladed tail-propelled design by ChatterBait inventor Ron Davis
  • Creates surface action with slashes, sputters, and carvings
  • Thin, elongated body with belly line tie
  • Weighted tail blade for dynamic walking, spitting, and flashing action
  • Suitable for both slow and fast retrieves
  • Feathered tail treble hook enhances swimming motion and strike attention
  • Available in ten body-blade-feather patterns to suit various fishing conditions



    Z-Man HR5-04 Hellraizer Topwater Lure - Chrome

    SKU: bbc7e572-cdcc-4820-bf4f-a9d1f35e12aa
    • Brand: Z-Man

      Manufacturer Part Number: HR5-01

      Weight: 0.125 lb

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