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The Z-Man HellraiZer is an unparalleled topwater lure that commands its own distinct category. With a remarkable display of slashes, sputters, and surface carving, this self-walking tail-bladed lure redefines expectations. Conceived by the inventor of the original ChatterBait, Don Ravis, the HellraiZer brings the tight vibration and lively clamor synonymous with the ChatterBait to the realm of surface lures. The weighted tail blade imparts an enticing vibration, while the sleek, elongated body smoothly planes the lure atop the water. Positioned at the belly, the line tie prompts rapid weight shifts, resulting in an effortlessly executed, fast-paced walking action during a straight retrieval. The weighted tail blade harmoniously connects to a rear, feathered treble hook, enhancing swimming movement and honing in on strike opportunities.


Key Features:

  • Crafted by the visionary ChatterBait inventor, Don Ravis, this is a revolutionary topwater bait.
  • The exclusive bladed, tail-propelled design establishes an entirely distinctive category within surface lures.
  • The slim, elongated body, coupled with the belly line tie and the weighted tail blade, engenders pronounced, hard-cutting walking movements, dynamic spitting actions, and captivating flashes during straight retrieves.
  • While excelling in creating fervor during slow retrievals, the HellraiZer ascends to the surface with remarkable commotion, retaining its true action even when swiftly burned.
  • The minimalist profile and the feathered tail blade's integration contribute to an exceptional hookup ratio, outperforming other surface baits.

Z-Man HR5-06 Hellraizer Topwater - Scaly Shad

SKU: cff106ed-b32a-4e6b-9a38-335684c5814a
  • Brand: Z-Man

    Manufacturer Part Number: HR5-06

    Assembled Product Weight: 0.25 lb

    Manufacturer: Z-Man

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