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The Z-Man HellraiZer stands alone as an exceptional topwater lure, exhibiting a unique prowess that leaves a lasting impression. This self-walking tail-bladed topwater lure, devised by the visionary creator of the original ChatterBait, Don Ravis, effectively transfers the resonant vibration and lively cacophony synonymous with the ChatterBait onto the realm of surface lures. Enhanced by the weighted tail blade, the lure emanates an alluring vibration, while its sleek, elongated physique effortlessly glides to the surface. Situated along the belly, the line tie induces swift weight shifts, driving a dynamic walking motion during straight retrievals. The weighted tail blade orchestrates a harmonious fusion of swimming motion, captivating aquatic attention for well-placed strikes.


The culmination of this intricately crafted design culminates in a spectacular surface walking action and fish-enticing vibrations adaptable to both leisurely and swift retrieves. This bait is available in ten captivating color schemes, offering an extensive array of choices for optimal fish attraction. Its 5-inch length and 5/8 oz weight reflect its remarkable presence in the angler's arsenal.


Key Features:

  • Radical topwater bait conceived by ChatterBait maverick Ron Davis.
  • Distinctive bladed, tail-propelled design pioneers an entirely original category of surface lures.
  • Slim, elongated body combined with the belly line tie and weighted tail blade orchestrates robust cutting, spitting, and flashing action during direct retrieves.
  • Ascends to the surface and triggers substantial commotion during gradual retrieves while preserving authentic motion during rapid burns.
  • The minimalist profile accentuated by the feathered tail blade hook yields an extraordinary hookup ratio, surpassing other surface baits.



    Z-Man HR5-10 Hellraizer 5" Purple Death

    SKU: bc14048f-d3f0-4ee7-b2fa-8f39ebdad14f
    • Brand: Z-Man

      Manufacturer Part Number: HR5-10

      Assembled Product Weight: 0.25 lb

      Manufacturer: Z-Man

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